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Missing Vladivostok Woman Found Dead; Ex-boyfriend Arrested

Missing Vladivostok Woman Found Dead; Ex-boyfriend Arrested
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VLADIVOSTOK. September 16. VOSTOK-MEDIA – Anna Buzilo, who went missing three months ago, has been found dead in an abandoned garage.

Primorye investigative official Avrora Rimskaya said Anna Buzilo was killed by her ex-boyfriend after they had a serious quarrel. The man hid the body in a garage at a residential neighborhood in Vladivostok.

"The suspect has confirmed his testimony at the crime scene; he showed where he hid the body," Avrora Rimskaya said.

"Anna Buzilo was reported missing on June 14, and a month later her father received a text message demanding a ransom of 130,000 euros for the woman", said a source in the police, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the investigation is underway." Otherwise, the message said, the kidnapper would sell her to Arabs or organ traffickers."

The father of the kidnapped woman was given detailed instructions on how to find the drop with a note indicating the place where the ransom money was to be left. The drop also contained Anna’s ID and other documents. The note said to leave the money in a restroom of a café owned by people of Caucasian origin. However, the police found out that neither the owners of the café nor staff had been involved into Anna’s abduction.

Police managed to track down the man who was asking for ransom. The suspect turned out to be Anna’s ex-boyfriend. He did not attempt to come and get the ransom money, though. Soon after, the police arrested the man and charged him with attempted fraud. After it was established that the alibi he provided for the time of girl's disappearance was false he confessed to the crime.

The ex-boyfriend said that unrequited love was the reason behind the murder. Some time ago Anna left him and he started to seek revenge. He had been plotting the crime for some time, police said. On June 14, he drove to the residential house Anna lived in, walked upstairs, without being noticed by the concierge, and knocked on the door of her apartment. Anna let him in and offered a cup of tea. He invited her for a ride in his car around the city and Anna accepted the invitation.

While she was putting her makeup on the young man walked down the stairs, again unnoticed by the concierge, and stood waiting for her outside. They got into his car and drove to a viewing spot at Krasnoye Znamye Blvd. When they arrived they started to quarrel; the man grabbed the rope and strangled Anna.

After the man killed his beloved one, he took her gold earrings and ring, which he later threw away while driving on the Rudnyovsky Bridge. While on his way to the place where he intended to hide the body, he threw Anna’s handbag and the rope out of the window. He hid the body in an abandoned garage and covered it with old tires and other rubbish at hand. After that he returned to Anna’s house and tossed her cell phone down a garbage tin at the side of the building, which caused considerable difficulties for the police in tracking down her cell phone signal as a dumptruck moved the garbage tin to the other part of the city.

Anna Buzilo went missing on June 14. She left her apartment late in the evening. Everything pointed to her leaving the apartment in a hurry and not for long, since the light was still on and computer was running.

Vladivostok community has shown great support for the search effort. AviaPoisk youth organization members, bloggers, Anna’s friends and co-workers joined the massive search. We were all desperately hoping for the best - that she would be found alive and safe, but that was not to be …
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