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Phoenix Seeks to Speed up Construction of Rehabilitation Facility for Tigers

Phoenix Seeks to Speed up Construction of Rehabilitation Facility for Tigers
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VLADIVOSTOK. September 7. VOSTOK-MEDIA – The construction of Russia’s first rehabilitation center for tigers and other endangered species is scheduled to start in November.  

All those wishing to speed up the process of establishing the rehabilitation facility are welcome to donate by sending a text message.

A spokesman for Phoenix Foundation said that each year, especially in winter, female tigers die because of scarcity of food, diseases and poaching, making their cubs vulnerable and defenseless. Such cubs are likely to die in the severe conditions of the Primorye taiga. Only few of them come to the hands of specialists and receive the necessary care.

Unfortunately, cured tiger cubs almost always end up being put in zoos. Currently, Primorye offers no opportunities for sound reintegration of such tiger cubs into the wild. It is no exaggeration to say that not only Russian, but also foreign zoos are packed up with Siberian tigers, many of which could now live at large had they been provided with timely rehabilitation. Rehabilitation is a long process requiring complete isolation from people and teaching them to hunt on their own using special methods.    

Currently, Federal State Institution TIGR, which focuses on tiger preservation, has only a small temporary rehabilitation facility for endangered animals. In fact, the facility for rearing tiger cubs is arranged in a backyard garage owned by a TIGR employee. Some of the tigers are brought to the Utes facility in Khabarovsk, some to the rehabilitation center of Far Eastern branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Gaivoron village, the conditions there being far from acceptable. What is more, transportation over long distances may have an adverse effect on some animals.  

In late June, Federal State Institution TIGR received a work permit for a 2.7 hectare land plot allocated by the local officials for construction of the rehabilitation center for endangered species. The land plot is a remote area that fits perfectly for keeping animals.

Phoenix announces a fund-raising campaign aimed to speed up the construction of the rehabilitation center. Funds may be donated by sending a text message. MegaFon Far East subscribers are welcome to send a message to 000119 to donate $1 (VAT inclusive); NTK subscribers may text to 9110 to donate $0.65. Please, visit www.phoenix.vl.ru to find out about other means of making donations. Let’s release Siberian tigers from captivity and grim existence in zoos!           

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