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The Population Census will be Conducted Without Internet

The Population Census will be Conducted Without Internet
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VLADIVOSTOK. February 11. VOSTOK-MEDIA – Today statisticians of the Russian Federation will meet in council dedicated to the population census scheduled on 2010. It is supposed to confirm the programme of the campaign and census schedules.
As is known the census should fix demographic and social characteristics of the population in significantly changed times that will give food for reflection not only for demographers and sociologists but also for authorities planning to develop society and state. It is due to the fact that additional questions in the spheres of education, housing and employment that have appeared are at present being corrected. Besides the Russian population census 2010 will become an element of world-wide program of population censuses and housing facilities of the year 2010 accepted by UN’s Economic and Social Council. It has been found out that a range of questions were not adjusted to Russian realias. For Example the citizens of the Russian Federation were perplexed by the question if they can read and write or not.
The most negative attitude of the citizens caused such questions as: “How many times were you married?; “What is the date of your first marriage?” or “How many children(including existing ones) do you plan to have?”. It was decided to put out these questions from the sample survey. Census takers did not expect that the majority of people do not know the exact address of their companies.
During the pilot population census an innovation was introduced – people filed up questionnaires by themselves and returned it to the regional State Statistics Service. Other countries employ this method for convenience of citizens that do not want to let census takers in a house or have little time to spend on an interview. But experience showed that this method was not sufficiently backed up. Very few people employed it. And that’s why this method will be restricted in the year 2010.
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