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Novelty Book Published in Vladivostok Pretend to Become World Bestseller

Novelty Book Published in Vladivostok Pretend to Become World Bestseller
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VLADIVOSTOK. February 11. VOSTOK-MEDIA - Elena Voronova, the head coach of Vladivostok health-improving and rejuvenescent centre “Dolgoletie” published the book – textbook on how to become healthy and rich through energy of fire – hot embers. ’Firewalking – world-wide curing esoteric sport’ – is a book that was reviewed by the famous esoteric Vladimir Dolokhov, Doctor of Psychology.
Elena Voronova: “People always wondered why one person is rich and successful, while another isn’t? In fact the answer is obvious – the cause of it is inside a person. Because everyone has concealed potential and generator to success, wealth and luck and we just cannot use it. It is time everyone can use this gift of nature.”
The book comprises of number of monthly practices and is written in manner that is familiar to people acquainted with esoterics, yogas, enlightened masters and philosophers. This is a dialogue between an individual and Nature, Universe and God…the world of animate reality. Though, atheists practice fire-walking with magnificent results.
In our age of technocracy, unlimited domination of scientific thought and logic such publications are the challenge to our reality and generally speaking to our lifestyle. Many things in it look unreal, impossible and just fabulous. But in fact hundreds and even thousands people got rid of grave and even incurable illnesses. Many people have already forgot about their infant fears and tendencies to depression. All they comprise sort of ‘fire-walkers’ club in Vladivostok. Exactly for these people who can walk barefoot on hot embers once a month Elena wrote the textbook so that they who experienced happiness to be almighty resulted from the practice could carry out such training with family members and close ones in other city and even in other country. The people of Korea, Japan, Sweden, Australia and America became interested in the practice.
Fire-walking is a part of almost all ancient theological practices. It was referred to as the revelation gifted by gods to votaries. Many ancient and modern fire-walking methods are based on time-consuming physical and mental training of an individual to the mystery and thus only chosen can practice it.
Fire-walking is the part of almost all ancient theological practices. It is referred to as revelation given to votaries by gods. Many ancient and modern fire-walking methods are based on time-consuming physical and mental training of an individual for the mystery and thus only ‘chosen’ can practice it. In fact the practice is available to everyone on Earth!!!
Elena Voronova managed to create her own program that she has already been practicing 7 years in a suburb of Vladivostok. The program implies that everyone can walk on the bed of hot embers barefoot (fluctuations of the temperature depend on species of wood, season, humidity of air and ranges from 350 to 800 degrees Celsius). For every newcomer the preparatory workshop lasts 6 hours. ‘The ritual’ – preparation for the practice also takes some time. And that’s all.
People of different ages from 6 to 70 years-old take part in the practice and some of them are even over 70. Many people say that first experience in fire-walking is more overwhelming than the first bailout. But the result differs – it is more resource-containing. According to Elena adrenalin rush is not the only purpose of people who practice fire-walking.
At present time the technocracy and computerization of all spheres of life-sustaining activity hinder pathway to inner harmony. And such practices as fire-walking help open leaves of a soul and see Joy and Love. It refers to spiritual individuals. But for materialists standing solid on the ground it is just a way to recuperate. It is possible that now when the economy of our country comes to a period of long-term depression many people have to stop in this mad everlasting rush for ever eluding and disappointing aims and to think of life and its sense and their mission on Earth.
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